Cipher 420 specials banner

Can you believe it – it’s time for the most celebrated cannabis event of the year: 420! Thanks to five stoner high school dudes in San Rafael, California, we have an annual counterculture holiday that brings together people that love to consume cannabis.

To celebrate the event, we’re offering a number of specials that you’ll find listed on this page. We’re also excited to announce our new curated section of Hemp products. Each product has been thoroughly tested to ensure that it not only meets our high-standards in terms of quality and effects, but that we also enjoy consuming those products ourselves!

NOTE: Only one coupon/discount can be used per order.

Cipher NOVA electronic stealth pipe 420 promotions banner

NOVA is our flag-ship all-in-one electronic stealth pipe that’s revolutionizing how people smoke their flower. Below are the 420 specials we’re offering for NOVA:

  1. Free NOVA water bubbler -> Add a NOVA stainless steel to the Shopping Cart and enter code FREEBUB. The free water bubbler will be automatically added.
  2. Free 8g smell-proof storage puck -> Add a NOVA stainless steel to the Shopping Cart and enter code FREE8G. The free 8g storage puck will be automatically added.
  3. 42% off hemp products with the purchase of a NOVA. Add a NOVA stainless steel or carbon black, and your choice(s) of hemp products, to the Shopping Cart and enter code HEMP420 to get 42% off all hemp products.
  4. 15% off NOVA stainless steel -> Use the “Frequently Bought Together” option in the product page with at least three items and get 15% off.
hemp special banner

The Cipher team is busy curating and testing hemp products to find the best-in-class. Products will only pass the test and join our hemp collection after meeting the highest-quality standards, and are those we find enjoyable to consume. Check back often to see the latest additions in our hemp collection. To celebrate 420, we’re offing the following special:

  1. 20% off all hemp products -> add any hemp product(s) to the Shopping Cart and enter code HEMP20 to get 20% off.
Cipher Nautilus dry herb vaporizer 420 promotions banner

What could be more iconic than the classic Sherlock re-imagined with 21st-century vaporizer technology? Cipher’s 2nd generation Nautilus dry herb vaporizer retains its classic Sherlock shape, seamlessly blending modern technology with timeless design. While Nautilus is great for around the house, we thought you’d enjoy having an uber-small portable vaporizer for the road. Below is our offer.

  1. Free carbon black Herby -> Add one of these Nautilus colors (Black Wood, Sunset Fusion or Funky Flower) to the Shopping Cart, then use code FREEHERBY and the FREE carbon black Herby will be automatically added.
Cipher Herby dry herb vaporizer 420 promotions banner

Cipher’s Herby dry herb vaporizer brings new meaning to portability – consuming “on-the-go” has never been easier! Specifically designed for the active lifestyle, Herby is uber-small and discreet, and comes with a complete “on-the-go” kit so you can be ready to consume virtually anywhere, anytime (where legal, of course)! 

To celebrate 420, we’re offering the following BOGO special:

1. Get one FREE carbon black Herby with the purchase of any color Herby. Add your favorite color Herby to the Shopping Cart and enter code HERBYBOGO. The free carbon black Herby will be automatically added.