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What could be more iconic than the classic Sherlock reimagined with 21st-century vaporizer technology? Cipher’s 2nd generation Nautilus dry herb vaporizer retains its classic Sherlock shape, seamlessly blending modern technology with timeless design. Nautilus Funky Flower is not just about style – it’s a powerhouse of performance that’s both impressive and affordable, with features rivaling vaporizers twice its price. With its newest addition to the collection, Nautilus now comes in six vibrant designs! If Nautilus doesn’t bring out your inner Sherlock Holmes, we’re not sure what will!

Nautilus’ 2nd generation elevates the experience to new ‘highs’ with must-have optional accessories, including the Churchwarden Stem kit, allowing you to customize your pipe while cooling the vapor (Gandalf would approve!), and stainless-steel dosing pods to keep you prepped and ready for any quest or adventures!

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Add a little playfulness to Nautilus with a Churchwarden Stem Kit!



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Nautilus Funky Flower Features

The Nautilus Funky Flower dry herb vaporizer is an all-around, easy-to-use device. Simply pop the magnetic mouthpiece off, and you’ve got easy access to the food grade ceramic chamber for loading and cleaning. For best results, load the chamber at least 3/4 full with finely-ground dry herb. Five clicks of the power button turns the Nautilus dry herb vaporizer on, heading toward the previously set temperature. Typically, the Nautilus reaches operating temperature in 30-45 seconds. If you’re ready for a temperature change, the two conveniently located ‘-‘ and ‘+’ buttons allow you to make quick changes. Everything that you need to know is visually presented on the large OLED screen.

Cipher Nautilus dry herb vaporizer in Funky Flower design with mouthpiece removed showing ceramic chamber.

Nautilus is designed with a unique, deep and narrow food-grade ceramic heating chamber. This deep shape translates into having more chamber surface area to make contact with your dry herb. The benefit of this is that your dry herb will be vaporized more uniformly. And, don’t worry, the overall volume of the chamber is good enough for a single session (about the same size as most other small dry herb vaporizers). So, you’re getting the benefit of more chamber surface area, while still having enough room to load dry herb for a typical session.

Product Specs

Temperature Settings: Variable range: 300°F – 435°F (149°C – 224°C)

OLED Display: Battery level indicator, set temperature, actual temperature, session timer

Ready Time: 30-45 seconds (depending on selected temperature)

Chamber Material: High-grade Ceramic

Heating System: Conduction

Battery Capacity: 1200mAh

Sessions Per Charge: 6-7

Charging Time: About 1 hour (Micro-USB)

Dimensions: 5″ x 2″ x 1.6″ (127mm x 50mm x 40mm)

Weight: 1.4oz (40g)


Churchwarden Stems

Nautilus is the coolest dry herb vaporizer on the market, but you can transform the experience to the next-level with a Churchwarden Stem Kit! Escape into the world of Sherlock with our short stem, or add a playful element with a Gandalf™-style long stem. We’ve designed the adapter with a standard 10.4mm connector, so you can expand your collection with other Churchwarden stems commonly available on the Internet.

Cipher Nautilus Churchwarden stem kit in action.

The Churchwarden Stem Kit includes one adapter with a standard 10.4mm connector and two Churchwarden stems – one short (2.95″ / 75mm) and one long (7.68″ / 195mm). To use a stem, insert the one of your choice into the adapter, and then insert the adapter into Nautilus as shown in the image below.

Nautilus Churchwarden stems with adapter.

For more Churchwarden Stem details, click HERE.

Refillable Pods

Be prepared to consume virtually anytime, anywhere, with a set of refillable stainless steel dry herb pods. Each pod is virtually indestructible, and comes in a set of three in a smell-proof container. Not only do the pods make consuming on-the-go more convenient, but they also help keep the ceramic chamber clean. Loading pods is easy: unscrew the pod cover, scoop through ground herb like a bucket, lightly tamp down using the included loading tool, then reattach the pod cover.

Cipher Nautilus showing how to insert a pod into the chamber.

When you’re ready to consume, simply remove a pod from the smell-proof container, drop into the chamber (keeping the pod cover screwed on as shown in the picture), replace the mouthpiece, and you’re ready to go! Pods can be used with not only the standard mouthpiece, but they work great with a Churchwarden Stem Kit, as well.

For more pod details, click HERE.

What's In The Box

1x – Nautilus Funky Flower Dry Herb Vaporizer

1x – Loading/Packing Tool

1x – Cleaning Brush

1x – Micro-USB Charging Cable

4x – Replacement mouthpiece o-rings

1x – User Manual


How do I turn on Nautilus?

Click the power button 5 times rapidly within 2 seconds. The most common reason why Nautilus doesn’t turn on is that the clicking sequence is too slow. So, if Nautilus doesn’t turn on, click a little faster.

What’s the best inhaling technique?

Getting the most out of your vaporizer is achieved with long, slow draws. The technique is similar to sipping hot tea or coffee. In order to extract the best quality vapor, the chamber needs to maintain a consistent temperature. So, pulling too hard will reduce the chamber temperature, causing less vapor to be produced.

What’s the best vaping temperature?

There’s no standard temperature recommendation, it’s mostly up to your personal preference. In general, lower temperatures (<=375°F) will produce a more flavorful and milder effect (also easier on the lungs). As the temperature is increased, the flavor will become less pronounced, the effects will increase, and the more visible vapor will be noticed.

Why don’t I see visible vapor?

A number of factors affect how much visible vapor is produced, including temperature, grind, chamber packing, herb moisture content, etc. We won’t go in depth here, but a good article can be viewed HERE. The most common factor is the temperature setting. The lower the temperature setting (<400°F), the less vapor you’ll see, but you’ll experience better flavor. At higher temperatures (>400°F), the more visible vapor you’ll see, but at the expense of less flavor.


Cipher will warranty Nautilus for a period of one (1) year to be free of defects in materials and workmanship under normal use from the date of purchase. All warranty claims require registration of the product and submission of proof of purchase. The warranty only applies to the original purchaser and is non-transferrable.

The warranty does not apply when damage occurs due to the device being dropped, abused, submerged in liquid, altered, affected by a natural disaster, or misused in any way. The warranty does not extend to cosmetic marks, dents, chips, scratches, etc. Normal performance degradation of the battery life is not covered by the warranty.

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