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Cipher NOVA electronic smoking pipe with built-in lighter and interchangeable smoking pod system


Electronic Smoking Pipe

If you love to smoke flower, then NOVA will be your go-to method for consuming!

NOVA burns clean – no papers, no butane, no coils!


Cipher Nautilus dry herb vaporizer is the coolest way to vaporize your dry herb


Dry Herb Vaporizer

Look cool, and have fun, while consuming dry herb with Nautilus! It’s a stylish, playful and distinctive dry herb vaporizer with a unique pipe shaped design. If Nautilus doesn’t bring out your inner Sherlock Holmes, we’re not sure what will!

Not only does Nautilus look great, it includes all of the great non-combustion baking features like other vaporizers costing double the price. For example, variable range temperature control lets you dial-in the perfect temperature to vaporize your dry herb to perfection! The built-in OLED screen displays all the necessary information so that you know exactly what’s going on.


Cipher Stealth smart cartridge vaporizer that's protective and always on so you can flick it and hit it instantly


Cartridge Vaporizer

Cipher’s Stealth is a sleek, protective, and discreet cartridge vaporizer, in the shape of a zippo-lighter, for consuming your favorite cartridge virtually anytime, anywhere! Stealth takes the guesswork out of knowing what voltage to use. The Smart Cart Detection feature senses your cartridge and sets the optimal voltage automatically. A crisp LCD displays everything you need to know, including battery level, voltage setting, and more. Best of all, Stealth is convenient and easy to use. It’s always on and draw-activated, so just flick the cover open and hit it, it’s that simple!



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