NOVA Bubbler Attachment

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Transform Cipher’s NOVA electronic smoking pipe into a virtual water pipe with the cooling percolation power of a bubbler attachment! Made of durable borosilicate glass, the bubbler attachment adds water filtration and percolation for a natural cooling effect, in addition to trapping harmful byproducts of combustion. This expertly designed glass attachment also provides a fun visual experience as smoke is pulled into the bubbler. Installation is quick and easy utilizing the included magnetic adapter. Simply remove the standard mouthpiece, and snap the bubbler attachment into place. You’re sure to enjoy the enhanced performance of the NOVA electronic smoking pipe with smooth, water-cooled hits – get a bubbler attachment today!

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  • Used in place of the standard mouthpiece
  • Easy to attach using magnetic connection
  • Durable borosilicate glass construction
  • Convenient size, only extends NOVA by 4″ (10.15cm)

Usage Instructions

To achieve the best flavor, we recommend using distilled or purified water. When using tap water, any contaminants, chlorine, etc., in the water will be activated and inhaled.

How to Fill

Start by removing the magnetic adapter from the bubbler. Fill a bottle cap, or other shallow container, with distilled water. Insert/submerge the bubbler bottom into the water and then suck on the mouthpiece to pull water into the lower section of the bubbler. You only need enough water to cover the two slots located in the center percolator (i.e., center glass piece). Refer to the picture in the image gallery above for a visual reference. Overfilling with water may cause water to be sucked into the mouthpiece while inhaling. Before reinstalling the magnetic adapter, thoroughly dry the bottom inside area that was inserted into the water.

How to Empty

Start by removing the magnetic adapter from the bubbler. Next, blow into the mouthpiece to force the water to exit the bubbler through the bottom hole. Before reinstalling the magnetic adapter, it’s recommended to thoroughly dry the bottom inside area where water exited. Doing so will ensure a secure fit of the magnetic adapter when reinstalling.

Installing the Bubbler Attachment

The bubbler attachment easily interchanges with the standard mouthpiece using magnetic connection. Simply remove the regular mouthpiece from NOVA (exposing the installed smoking pod) and snap the bubbler into place. Power on NOVA and enjoy the smooth, cool vapor!

Package Contents

1 – NOVA borosilicate 4″ (10.15cm) glass bubbler
1 – Magnetic adapter (ships inserted into the bubbler)


Cipher does not warranty the NOVA Bubbler attachment, since there are no working parts to become defective. Upon receipt of the attachment, please inspect it carefully, to ensure that no shipping related issues can be detected. Upon this initial inspection, should you find any defects, please promptly send an email to [email protected], and include a picture of the defect.

12 reviews for NOVA Bubbler Attachment

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  1. Smooth

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  2. This makes an already great product even better!
    That little bit of water (1ml.) makes all the difference in the world- cools the smoke off so huge hits don’t burn on the way down. It’s a nice accessory-definitely worth the price!

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  3. Works great

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  4. very smooth

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  5. Just trying to get my head round this …. nearly pissed myself when my mate ripped a huge one and had a little wobble. Sat down sharpish

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NOVA Bubbler Attachment NOVA Bubbler Attachment
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