Although the legal definition of becoming an adult is at age 18, there are age-restricted activities that require you to wait until reaching the age of 21. One of those restricted activities is the use and consumption of cannabis products. While most of the regulatory guidelines are set at the state-level, the federal government imposes its own set of age-related policies. Most recently, updates to the PACT Act (Prevent All Cigarette Trafficking) captured cannabis products in its framework, and now formalizes the requirement to age verify online purchases.

Our Responsibility to Age Verify

When reaching the age of 21, it’s assumed that you’ve achieved a reasonable level of maturity, and understand that use of age-restricted products should be done responsibly. At Cipher, we want consumers to enjoy our products, but we’re committed to ensuring that they’re purchased legally, and that they stay out of the hands of minors. So, as part of the checkout process, we utilize the industry-standard BlueCheck age verification system. Using information you’ve already entered during checkout, your age is automatically verified in a safe and secure way, giving Cipher the peace-of-mind that we’re doing our best to keep our products out of the hands of minors.

How BlueCheck Works

After entering all name, address and credit card information in the checkout screens, clicking the “PLACE ORDER NOW” button tells BlueCheck to go to work. Within a few seconds, assuming BlueCheck is able to verify you, the order will be automatically approved, and an order confirmation email will be sent to you.

In general, about 90% of customers can be age verified without supplying additional information. In the 10% case, BlueCheck will prompt for additional information to help them complete the age verification process.

Once you’ve been successfully age verified, BlueCheck will remember you as verified the next time you return to shop. Unless your information has changed, BlueCheck will not require age verification to be processed again. 

Is My Data Safe?

In this digital age, everyone is worried about their data being stored, intercepted, or illegally shared. We can assure you that we’ve taken all necessary steps to secure your sensitive data, which is encrypted and used by BlueCheck strictly for the purpose of age verification. Once verification is complete, no data is stored by either BlueCheck or Cipher. 

Getting Help With Verification

If you encounter any trouble during the verification process, we suggest that you first reach out to BlueCheck, by emailing them at [email protected]. They have support people that can quickly respond to your specific situation. If you don’t get a satisfactory response from BlueCheck, you can also send an email to Cipher at [email protected].