NOVA How-to

Cipher NOVA electronic smoking pipe for people that love to smoke flower.

Table of Contents

Getting To Know NOVA

Mouthpiece with built-in stir and packing tool

The standard mouthpiece is magnetically-connected to the Pod Housing, allowing easy removal to access the ceramic smoking pod. One key feature of the mouthpiece is that it’s spring-loaded, and can be rotated, so that material inside the pod can be packed and/or stirred easily without having to remove the mouthpiece.

cipher nova parts
Image 1: NOVA Disassembled View

Loading Pods

Loading pods is one of those fun rituals in anticipation of elevating your day, a party, or other event. Armed with a set of preloaded pods, consuming when and where you need to has never been easier. To start, it’s recommended to use ground material, since it allows air to be uniformly pulled through the pod, resulting in the most effective combustion. Following are a few helpful tips to load your pods for the best possible experience:

  • With ground material in your grinder or other storage container, scoop material into the pod and gently compress it with the tip of your finger, or the flat part of the loading tool.
  • Pods can be loaded up to 3/4 full (see “Maximum Fill Level” example in the picture). As a check on the fill level, insert a pod cover and verify that it can be completely inserted.
  • Pod material can also be compressed while installed in NOVA using the mouthpiece. Simply pressing on the mouthpiece tip will push the stir tool into the pod and will compress the material as needed.
  • When loading a small amount of material, be sure to gently compress the material close to the bottom of the pod to ensure proper combustion.
  • WARNING: Be careful not to pack the material too tightly, since this will restrict airflow and reduce the arc lighter efficiency. 

NOTE: Using whole nugget, or pinched material, may successfully light, but it typically doesn’t produce consistent results and is not recommended.  

pod loading fill level

Puffing Style

There’s no right or wrong way to puff/draw on the NOVA, but a few guidelines will ensure you can achieve the type of hit you want.

  • Causal hits – 

Mouthpiece Maintenance

Sticky resin is a natural byproduct when smoking flower, which builds-up over time in and around the slotted airholes in the stir tool. To maintain optimal airflow and flavor, we recommend cleaning the mouthpiece regularly using one of three methods:

  • After smoking: While resin is still warm, and can be easily ejected from the airpath, blow into the mouthpiece to clear loose material back into the pod. NOTE: you can also blow into the mouthpiece with it removed from NOVA, but it’s highly-recommended to cover the stir tool with a napkin or other disposable material to catch the resin and avoid staining clothes.
  • Periodic: A periodic soaking of the mouthpiece in 91% Isopropyl alcohol for at least 30 minutes is recommended to remove buildup that will occur in the Stir Tool slots and internal airpath. It’s difficult to state a specific frequency for this type of cleaning, since it depends on the amount of resin produced from your material, but we recommend at least once per week.
cipher receipt
Stir Tool View Of Mouthpiece
  • Deep-cleaning: Over time, resin and material buildup inside the mouthpiece may not be adequately cleaned using the previous two cleaning methods. To maintain optimal airflow and flavor, disassemble the entire mouthpiece and soak for at least 30 minutes in 91% Isopropyl alcohol. As shown in Figure 4, the mouthpiece is constructed of four parts. To disassemble, grab the Stir Tool with one hand and turn the Mouthpiece counterclockwise. Be careful and go slow so the spring doesn’t shoot out. A spare spring is included in the Accessories box in case the spring gets lost. After soaking, rinse all parts in warm water and then reassemble.
nova pieces
Figure 4: View Of Individual Mouthpiece Parts

General Maintenance


When smoking, ash will buildup in the bottom of the pod, and smaller ash particles will fall through the bottom onto the arc lighter. This will eventually cause the arc to not light properly. Cleaning the arc lighter is easy, simply remove the Pod Housing from the Battery and blow across the arc needles. If this doesn’t clear the ash completely, use the included brush to gently wipe across the arc needles.

clean arc lighter

Pod Cleaning

NOVA pods are made of high-grade, heat resistant, food grade ceramic. They’re virtually indestructible, and very easy to clean due to the glazed surface. To maintain the best flavor and smoking experience, it’s important to clean the pods on a regular basis. Prior to reloading a pod, look inside to ensure that at least the opening at the bottom isn’t clogged as shown in the “Dirty Pod” image. When clogged, it’s difficult for the arc lighter to penetrate through the holes to properly ignite the material. Here’s a few cleaning tips:

  • Blow method: After consuming a pod, remove it from NOVA and blow through the bottom of the pod. Generally, most of the residue inside the pod will be ejected when using this method frequently.
  • Cleaning brush: In addition to the blow method, use the cleaning brush, or a Q-tip, to wipe around the inside to remove most of the residue.
  • Hot water rinse: When resin builds-up on the inner walls and bottom, drop the pod(s) in a small container filled with hot soapy water and shake it a few times to loosen the residue. Then, use a Q-tip, paper towel, or similar cloth to wipe away the remaining residue. 
  • 91% Isopropyl alcohol soak: For deeper cleaning, pods can be soaked for at least 30 minutes in 91% Isopropyl alcohol. Give the container a few shakes to further loosen residue buildup, then wipe the inside clean with a Q-tip, paper towel or similar cloth. Finally, rinse under hot water and allow to dry.
clean pods

Using The Bubbler Attachment

The bubbler attachment not only provides a cooling effect, but it’s also a fun addition to NOVA with a water pipe visual experience. It’s easy to connect, since it contains the same magnetic connection as the standard mouthpiece.

Filling the bubbler

Start by removing the magnetic adapter from the bubbler. Fill a bottle cap, or other shallow container, with distilled water. Insert/submerge the bubbler bottom into the water and then suck on the mouthpiece to pull water into the lower section of the bubbler. You only need enough water to cover the two slots located in the center percolator (i.e., center glass piece). Overfilling with water may cause water to be sucked into the mouthpiece while inhaling. Before reinstalling the magnetic adapter, thoroughly dry the bottom inside area that was inserted into the water.